Fire protection of property objects

Autonomous fire-fighting system
based on USP-101


History of our company

    The company was founded in 1997 by a group of enthusiastic developers who had an order of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and with the assistance of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences created a high reliability fire protection device.
    The reliability of the device allows its use in the extreme conditions and hazardous areas. Nevertheless, the main advantage of the device is full autonomy. For the fire system functionality there is no need in any power sources. With a mass use of such systems, in a garage as an example, or in communication repeaters, there is no need in extra power.
    The device is approved not only in Russia, it is also installed in the vaults of the securities in Australia, wind power plants in New Zealand, communication repeaters in Malaysia. South African miners are interested in our product. In addition, we deliver our devices England, the US and Italy.
    Now we are bringing under daily usage of devices designed for the protection of garages, small storage areas and utility rooms. The cost of the devices is close to the cost of cheap cell phone.
    The company is always moving forward as we have many ideas and confidently look to the future.

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