Fire protection of property objects

Autonomous fire-fighting system
based on USP-101


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    When a heat-sensitive element (7) reaches its rated temperature a spring-loaded rod (10) mounted inside a nosepiece (9) is released. The spring (6) moves a cylindrical shape magnet (4), mounted on the rod (10), through an induction coil (12) The induction coil generates an electric impulse. The impulse is transmitted to the electrical terminals (2) and then to the aerosol or powder fire extinguishers. USP-101 modification of the device is used for manual actuation of a fire suppression system.

    When the alarm device is started, in addition to a powerful electric impulse at the bottom of the device, it creates a powerful permanent magnetic field. Applying magneto controllable relays and chips on a single device can perform more complex logical processes. One device provides the activation of the fire extinguishing system, switch-off the equipment and switch-on signaling.

    For process control in critical situations with the use of powerful equipment (lift elevator, open the automatic doors, turn on the drive latches, etc.) use special battery - chemical sources of electric current. Batteries can activate by USP-101 devices either automatically or manually. They generate a voltage up to 100 V for up to 30 minutes, have universal climatic version. Batteries are disposable devices as all the fire-fighting system.


    NPO USP Ltd would like to introduce a new and unique autonomous detection and activation device that is able to detect a fire and to actuate a powder, aerosol or gaseous fire suppression system. USP-101 can be used as a standard thermal detector with a fixed temperature. No external power supply is required.


     In the most secure country, Sweden, where all the rooms are equipped with fire protection system, 85% of fires occur as a result of a breaking power supply of fire extinguishing systems. Fire extinguishing system based on USP-101 is working even in the event of a complete power failure.
     Immunity to electromagnetic interference of devices USP allows to install such systems in the electrical cabinet with manufacturing equipment.

    Stand-alone installation on the basis of USP-101 have a small number of elements, in contrast to the automatic electronic systems, there is not break anything. Accordingly, little knots can cause false positives.

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